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Monitoring What Means the Most

Building a next-generation, cloud-based data management platform

After more than a decade of successful partnerships with Sogeti, our client reached out to find a solution that would build a next-generation, cloud-based data management platform for their cardiac and heart-monitoring devices.

Prepared with 14,000+ consultants in the life sciences practice and 3,000 serving medical device clients already, Sogeti was well-equipped for the challenge.

Not only was Sogeti able to offer them automation of 20-30% of their manual activities but also an agile approach to accelerate both business value and implementation timeframes.

With experience and innovative resources at their side, the Sogeti team laid out a comprehensive approach for the platform that included:

  • An integrated workstream.
  • Apps to process and utilize the data.
  • A patient-centric implementation approach.
  • Global delivery with verification and validation support leveraging Rightshore™.
  • A scalable open-architecture design.
  • Leveraging the latest container and orchestration technologies to enable a cloud agnostic platform.

With the project currently in the works, Sogeti is helping the client:

  • Remotely monitor their patients and lead their doctors to better information for better diagnosis of nearly one million people.
  • Transition 500,000 patients to the platform in the first phase.
  • Create a full end-to-end lifecycle from platform conception to app creation and implementation.
  • Rapidly grow their business into new territories with this next-gen, customer-centric mode of operation.