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Improving the Service in Quick Service

Serving nearly 2,000 stores with new technology

With nearly 2,000 stores across the US, this major food chain is one of the country’s most popular quick-service restaurants. Its success is built on their high standards for quality—not only with their food but also with their customer service.

The chain had a well-known, positive reputation, but their business team understood that if they wanted to transform customers into “raving fans,” they needed to continually evolve and improve.

While the client had partnered with Sogeti for several years, they considered us merely their testing provider; our team had helped them successfully mature testing processes with automation and led several large projects to test many of their solutions.

However, we realized that we had capabilities that could support their broader business goals. Knowing their priority to streamline the customer experience, we introduced their executives to a group of our top digital experts. The conversation focused on actionable ideas on how the chain could improve customer convenience and better leverage data in order to strengthen their brand loyalty and drive incremental revenue.

Their team was excited about these possibilities and chose to move forward with Sogeti’s recommendations.

“Our partnership with Sogeti over the last year and a half has been invaluable. We have never received the type of strategic thinking from an agency that they have contributed to our work. Their insights have helped redefined our work in a way that will make a much larger impact. They have challenged our thinking and increased our knowledge extremely. I am excited about the continued partnership.” – Store Manager

Now operating as their innovation as a service partner, Sogeti has helped the client leverage today's latest technologies to create meaningful moments with their customers and improve restaurant operations. For example, our team:

  • Redesigned their customer-facing app for mobile ordering (after another vendor failed)—reaching #1 in the App Store with more than 7 million downloads by the end of 2016 and receiving over a 4-star rating on both major platforms. In fact, 1% of all orders were through this mobile app in the first year—and they hope to grow this number to 5% by the end of 2017. 
  • Led a strategy workshop, defining personas and journey maps to better understand customer needs and ensure the best experience at every step.
  • Developed a “pocket intranet,” a digital platform and mobile app for store owners—giving them the ability to personalize customer communications based on specific activities, access relevant metrics/ reports/news, and manage operations from a centralized hub.
  • Leveraged IoT to improve accuracy in kitchen timers—ensuring the highest quality of cooking. 

And our partnership with this client continues to grow. Sogeti is currently on an “Innovation Workshop Retainer” where we are constantly creating proof-of-concepts on new ideas based on emerging technologies.