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Data-Driven Decisions for Retail

Business Intelligence That Empowers Today’s Retail Imperatives

Mobility, social media, innovations like location-based tracking, and the emergence of the Internet of Things have provided unprecedented opportunities to engage with customers in new and compelling ways. In no industry is this more relevant than consumer products, retail, and distribution (CPRD). Sogeti’s Microso, Digital Transformation, and CPRD solutions empower retailers to thrive by providing platforms for customer engagement, business insight, and omni-channel engagement—platforms that have the power to provide the immediate, relevant, and contextual experiences required by today’s increasingly demanding consumer.

Analytics modules, embedded in separate commerce, CRM, and order management systems, provide contextual views of customers, fragmented further by marketing functions and organized by channel and by geography. By leveraging Microsoft Power BI and Sogeti’s digital retail solutions, organizations can identify customer behavior patterns across all channels of engagement and provide predictive guidance for “the next touch.” In addition, this solution will provide the personalization and relevance needed to capture buyers’ attention in today’s increasingly crowded—and noisy—digital marketplace. Let Unleash Enterprise Innovation3 transform the way you access and analyze customer data and power personalized experiences for your customers.

Unleash Enterprise Innovation3
HP, Microsoft®, and Sogeti working together make it easy—giving you one point of contact for all hardware and soware questions combined with full life cycle services from planning and implementation to high level data science services and ongoing management services.

The Alliance Approach to Retail BI & Analytics

Sogeti’s implementation, Microsoft’s best-in-class BI tools, and the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform are what make the Data-Driven Decisions for Retail solution a reality. Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS) along with Power BI for Office 365 allow you to easily deploy a cloud-based, BI environment where people can share insights, collaborate, and access reports from anywhere—phones, tablets, or PCs—and all through the familiar user interface of Excel. APS offers scalability for data growth and the ability to include unstructured data into the mix such as blogs, social media, and other useful public online data sources. APS has been optimized to run on the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microso Analytics Platform, ensuring cost-eective reliability.

Sogeti incorporates best practices and methodologies to manage the entire process from beginning to end, including expert consulting, analysis, proof-of-concept services, deployment planning, full implementation, and testing.

A Powerful Solution With a Familiar User Interface

The Unleash Enterprise Innovation3 solution helps to optimize your organization’s investment in Microsoft technologies. Your sta is already accustomed to working with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel. Office 365 with Power BI allows you the opportunity to quickly apply the use of that familiar Excel interface to discover, visualize, and analyze data while unlocking insights like never before—without the time-consuming learning curve that comes with training your sta to use complicated, new tools and interfaces. Additional benefits provided through this interface include:

  • The easy ability to access reports on mobile devices through the Power BI mobile app.
  • Capabilities for surfacing data in real-time on Windows 8 devices through live tiles. This way, important information is always immediately visible, ensuring you don’t miss critical notifications or new trends and allowing you to easily drill further into data as needed.
  • The ability to create and share workbooks and queries using Power Query in Excel.
  • The functionality to search both public and corporate data as well as merge data from multiple sources.
  • A Q&A feature that allows users to type questions they have in natural language.

Solution Acceleration

Unlocking New Insights With Improved Data Discovery for Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution Companies

Today’s physical and digital marketplaces are more crowded and noisy than ever, and consumers are increasingly demanding as well as saavy. They expect relevant, personalized, contextual engagement. However, oen times, data is fragmented, and relevant data sources today come from outside the enterprise in addition to from within. The need to consume, aggregate, and analyze massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data from a plethora of sources is real and required to capture the attention of today’s buyers.

Sogeti delivers the solution via the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) and the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform, enabling mobile employees to work with data on their tablets and other mobile devices using O365 and Power BI.

This solution helps:

  • Improve real-time insight into structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, including business systems, POS systems, web logs, social media, in-store systems, and devices.
  • Empower store employees and sales leaders to perform analytics that improve in-store services and customer shopping experiences.
  • Reduce reporting load time from days to minutes and query time from hours to seconds.
  • Cut storage costs by compressing data more than 95%.
  • Provide improved service-levels to employees and customers.