hands with coffee beans

A "Grande" Boost

Expanding markets and keeping up with demand

This client has a long-standing history of serving customers a top-notch experience with gourmet products—but how do you keep up with ever-increasing demand?

The client had aggressive goals to expand into new international markets and provide 24x7 coverage on their applications and servers.

With this goal in mind, the Sogeti team got to work. We played a key role in their national launch of several flagship projects. One such project was their new mobile application that is expected to drive millions in new revenue and improve satisfaction by providing a seamless customer experience. This app is now used by a vast majority of their customers, giving loyals an effortless interface.

Sogeti also helped the client:

  • Serve more than 12 MILLION loyal customers. 
  • Manage more than 2 BILLION transactions.
  • Handle more than 12,000 MONTHLY ALERTS through 24x7 monitoring.