Sogeti USA Announces Details of Winning Projects from the 2016 IoT Hackathon

First place team utilizes IBM Watson IoT Platform on Bluemix to create “Smart Scale” for inventory management.

Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 8, 2016Sogeti USA, a leader in technology and engineering services, today announced details of the winning projects from the 2016 IoT Hackathon.  IBM’s Watson IoT Platform on Bluemix was used to develop two of the top three winning solutions, Covisint’s platform was used to develop the third, and Microsoft’s Xamarin mobile application development platform supported mobile interfaces to all three winning solutions. Winners were announced Friday, Nov. 11, 2016 at Sogeti's Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco.

This year’s first place title was awarded to the Columbus Circuitbreakers for their “Smart Shelf” solution—which utilizes the IBM® Watson IoT Platform on Bluemix, Microsoft Xamarin®, Amazon Alexa®, and an Intel® board to monitor inventory depletion and respond to Alexa voice commands. The solution also featured a mobile front-end for more efficient inventory management.

The “Smart Shelf” solution is designed to deliver abundant benefits to customers—giving them real-time insights into their inventory and allowing them to make more informed decisions, maintain quality, and reduce costs.

With the cognitive capabilities built into IBM Bluemix and Watson platforms, future versions of the “Smart Shelf” will learn more about consumer or business preferences over time, including their preferred products and quantities. In time, the system may be adapted to make product and services recommendations based on consumption patterns, with eventual extensions into predictive ordering.

Mike Moore, Software Client Architect, IBM, who was supporting the IBM entrants noted that the winning team, "found the ease of use and simple integration using step-by-step Recipes from the IBM Watson IoT Platform, enabled the solution to be quickly developed and the chosen Intel Edison IoT board to be easily connected and begin collecting data immediately."

This year’s second and third place titles went to the following solutions:

  • Dallas of Things’ “Smart Bag”—a solution that utilizes RFID tags to scan and monitor luggage that is in transit. It also has a mobile front-end to view real-time status updates and was built using Covisint, Microsoft Xamarin, and an Intel board.
  • Florida Drone Kings’ “CRASH” collision detection system—a collision detection system that uses IBM Watson IoT, Microsoft Xamarin, and an Intel board to send location data and mobile push notifications instantaneously to any registered listener in a traumatic event.

The 2016 IoT Hackathon saw more than 140 participants from 17 countries—each bringing unique and innovative ideas to the competition. The competing teams were allowed to build an IoT application on their choice of platforms, including IBM Watson IoT, Covisint, and Microsoft Azure IoT.  The teams used hardware donated by Intel, Amazon and HP Enterprise.

“This year’s IoT Hackathon saw incredibly innovative solutions developed using some of the top platforms and technologies available today,” said Joo Lee, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Sogeti USA. “We are grateful for the rich ecosystem of alliance partners that contributed to the event, allowing our teams to prove that the future of connected things lies in a collaborative future grounded in the spirit of partnership.”

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