Sogeti, Microsoft and HP Partner to Launch Data Driven Decisions for Healthcare in the US

Dayton, OH July 07, 2015 – Sogeti USA, an entity within Sogeti, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Capgemini Group, announced today the launch of the Data Driven Decisions Series, a suite of business intelligence and analytics solutions leveraging Sogeti’s proven implementation methodologies, Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS) and HP’s ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform System.

The first solution, Data Driven Decisions for Healthcare, focuses on helping healthcare organizations improve the quality of care required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while seeking to minimize costs.

Current analytic models are often built into a care provider’s electronic health record/hospital information system; however, these patient data sources may not be enough to provide needed information in a timely, logical and simple way for proactive care—the principles of ACA. The Data Driven Decisions solution will allow care providers to access and aggregate data to better support the decision making process and optimize patient care, especially for chronic and complex patients, as a result.

“This singular solution, created through tripartite partnership, enables care providers to focus their preventive care campaigns on the appropriate patients with chronic and complex conditions in real time” says Indranil Sarkar, VP Healthcare Practice at Sogeti USA.

Sogeti USA has worked closely over the past year with both Microsoft and HP to develop this solution as part of a Data Driven series targeting multiple industries and allowing them to deploy a cloud-based, BI environment where all employees can share insights, collaborate and access reports from anywhere using a familiar interface—Microsoft Excel.

“Our partnership with Microsoft and HP makes this solution intuitive for clients—giving them one point of contact for all hardware and software questions as well as end-to-end life cycle services,” says Deb Cox, VP Microsoft Practice at Sogeti USA.

Microsoft APS offers scalability for data growth and the ability to synchronize structured or internal data with unstructured or external data such as blogs, social media and other public online data sources.

“The benefit for healthcare providers is the ability to take advantage of real-time trends that can improve patient care, enhance care coordination, and cut readmission rates,” says John Voorhies, Alliance Manager at Microsoft.    

“HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform System for Healthcare is the epitome of collaboration between HP, Microsoft and Sogeti.  This optimized system delivers a solution that solves real-time customer business problems and helps ensure cost-effective reliability and performance consistency,” says Krystianne Avedian, VP Alliances at HP.

Sogeti USA incorporates proprietary best practices and methodologies to manage the entire process from beginning to end including expert consulting, analysis, proof-of-concept services, deployment planning, full implementation and testing.

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