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New Report from VINT Stating that 2015 Will be the Year of Disruption

Sogeti’s global trend lab VINT introduces a new series of research on the theme of “Design to Disrupt”.

Dayton, Ohio 20/01/2015  “Design to Disrupt – An Executive Introduction” marks the start of a new research project. The series includes several reports on how the disruptive potential of new technologies is growing at a staggering speed. Disruption is happening all around and is triggered by the advances in Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and smart ‘Things’ (SMACT). Customers are changing their behavior in response and companies are keen to find out how to (re)design their organization to survive and thrive in the face of this change. This is the reason why leaders put technology on top of their list of factors that will determine their organization’s future.

 “Many people have remarked that existing organizations cannot match today’s disruptive innovations and that they even believe that they should leave this field to lean startups. Our research shows that Design to Disrupt is an imperative: an appeal to every organization that refuses to passively accept becoming obliterated, but truly believes that pioneering innovations are indeed possible. The design of one’s own disruption is the focus of attention in this process,” commented VINT Director, Menno van Doorn and continued:

“Looking at the toolset – from collaborative platforms, the industrial internet, advanced analytics, cloud to new mobilities – there is an abundance of opportunities for everyone to change the design of products, services, business models, and the organization itself. This report helps to bring innovation to the center of any organization.”

5 Key Business Takeaways
This first report on the theme of Design to Disrupt provides the reader with 5 key business takeaways:

  1. Exponential growth of technology. The consequent disruptive innovations put pressure on existing companies. To deal with the constantly changing (business) environment, companies have to constantly change and adapt.
  2. Innovation must become the major process within a company. Design to Disrupt is an imperative to achieve a corporate culture in which innovation is embraced, instead of confronted with feelings of distrust or resistance.
  3. It is no longer about ownership/possession/control of products, but about having access to/controlling all kinds of services. Platform economy players such as Bitcoin, Airbnb and Uber show us a world in which transparency is the new norm, and where, as a consequence, everyone can assess one another due to new systems of accountability.
  4. More than ever, the customer is king. Information technology democratizes. Now, the consumer possesses the tools to optimize his experience. The customer is the radiant central point, the linchpin around which the new economic systems revolve.
  5. The customer obsession from the past has made way for a wave of new opportunities. Companies should create surprising customer experiences at all conceivable mobile-contact moments. After the initial transformation of atoms into bits, they now materialize once again in the actuality of our physical world. With a further thrust of bits into atoms, the circle of service to the customer will be closed with a focus on Mobile Moments to accommodate every need and wish.

The Design to Disrupt Series
The Design to Disrupt research series will include several reports. The first report launched today will be followed by“Platform Economy: new digital competition” (Q2, 2015) a report dealing with the new competitors that are taking over markets by storm using business models based on platform-thinking and explores the major shift from ownership/possession/control of products to having access to/controlling all kinds of services. The third report “How to design to disrupt? Becoming your own startup” (Q3, 2015) will explore how to design for disruption and how to organize design and innovation to become the center of your organization. The Sogeti trend lab VINT is also considering dedicating a fourth report to Bitcoin and the future of money.

The authors of the series of report are VINT trend watchers Menno van Doorn, Jaap Bloem, Sander Duivestein and Thomas van Manen.

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