Bad Hair Days

Relieving consumer confusion with an innovative app

This client is a major consumer goods producer who was struggling with a way to more cohesively leverage their entire portfolio of hair care brands and wanted to make it easier for their customers to navigate their suite of hair care products. Armed with the knowledge that most of their customers buy across the brand, this company turned to Sogeti for a solution. We developed a smartphone app that allows customers to find the hair product best suited for their hair, and helps customers use social media to connect to other customers with similar hair types.

The first-of-its-kind app, which is designed for men and women, has users answer a series of questions about their hair. With 24 different hair categories and 144 different hair personalities, the app uses different factors such as hair type, porosity and lifestyle factors to determine the user’s specific hair personality and prescribe the products best-suited for their hair. With this innovative app, the client aims to relieve consumer confusion and frustration in determining how best to care for their hair.


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